Pricing structure 'guidelines'

Please note: These are prices we generally receive, but please feel free to discuss limits with us, should it be necessary.

We do realise that clubland is struggling at the moment, and although we'd like to achieve as close to our asking price as possible, we know this might not always be practical. PLEASE don't hesitate to discuss fees with us, should a club be struggling. If we can, we will happily negotiate a fee that suits everybody.


Scandal is a V.A.T registered company.
V.A.T registration number is: 823 6786 04
Please could you notify your clubs and clients.

Clubs, pubs etc:
Mon - Thurs:      £225 to £275 +vat
Friday:       £250 to £300 +vat
Saturday:      £425 to £450 +vat
Sunday:      £275 to £325 +vat

Private/ corporate functions or special events:
Private functions, weddings and events will be charged for on an individual basis and based on travel, accommodation, special requirements etc.


Basic structure:
Functions, weddings and events within two hours travel from Sheffield :
Starting at £500 (excluding above exeptions and vat)
(Price will increase for increased travel requirements)
These prices are based on work done for clubs, pubs,
etc, traveling, more or less, within a two hour radius of
Sheffield. Prices will vary for private/ corporate or special events.