Scandal 1

1993 to 1994

Craig Parsons- Vocals and keyboards

Larry Rose- Drums

Kate Gibson- Vocals

Mandy- Vocals

This, the first incarnation of the band was originally called 'Soul Kiss.' For some reason though, it was too complicated for people to remember. Very soon after it's inception, the name was changed to the simple, but effective 'Scandal.'


The band was made up of Craig Parsons and Larry Rose, who were and are still, very close friends. They had played together in a band called 'Cinema.' When 'Cinema' disbanded, the friends decided to form 'Scandal'. They brought in Kate Gibson, a friend of theirs that they had known from gigs they had performed at. Kate very capably handled the female vocals. Two guy and two girl bands were in vogue at that time, so Mandy was also brought in to complete the line up.


The band performed at various venues around Johannesburg and Durban in South Africa picking up a decent following and laying the foundations for the future.



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